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SRB Split Roller Bearings are fully interchangeable with Cooper Split Bearings
SRB Split Roller Bearings are dimensionally equivalent to Plummer Blocks
OEB dimensionll equivalent Plummerblock Replace plummerblock OEBearings
  • All SRB Bearings, housings and supports are made to size within the published tolerance of Cooper Split Bearings, which means that all SRB Bearings housings and supports are interchangeable with Cooper bearings, cartridges and pedestals.
  • Interchangeablity refers to the ability to select components at random and fit them together within proper tolerances. Individual SRB and Cooper bearing components cannot be interchanged, but the complete units can be easily replaced.
  • SRB Bearings offers a simple upgrade process in order to add SRB performance features such as higher dynamic capacity, brass cage bearing, logarithmic profiled rolling elements and robust grade 250 cast in housings and supports.
Superior sealing
A Split Roller Bearing takes up misalignment by means of the spherical outside interface of the housing. This means the seals remain concentric with the shaft at all times. This is a very effective sealing arrangement.
OEB SplitBearing Superiorsealing misalignment OEBearings Fixes flawed Plummerblock seal
OEB SplitBearing Superiorsealing misalignment - OEBearings Fixes flawed Plummerblocks eal
A Spherical Roller Bearing takes up misalignment within the bearing, the housing is static. The result of any misalignment is that the seal will be compressed on one side and a gap will open on the other, rending the seal ineffective.
Downtime saving
The split-to-the-shaft feature enables the bearing to be fitted without requiring access to the shaft ends, reducing your downtime significantly. The Support caps and housing halves are easily removed for quick visual inspection of bearing components during maintenance. Below is an simplistic comparison of the downtime cost of a Split Bearing vs. a Solid Bearing (cost of ownership):
Downtime Cost components Solid Bearing Split Roller Bearing
(A) Time to replace bearing (hours) 9 2
(B) Downtime cost per hour R10,000 R10,000
(C) Bearing cost R1,000 R2,500
Total Downtime Cost = (A x B) + C R91,000 R22,500
The above figures used are conservative in that the time taken to replace a Solid Bearing is often longer than in the example, we have also not factored in the variable labour and rigging costs that would add to the overall downtime cost. Closer analysis would result in even greater savings.
Easy installation
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