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From its inception OEB, believed in a high service level approach based on the customers’ needs. Whether it’s changing from Standard Plummer Block Bearings or installing Split Roller Bearings to a new application, we at OEB ensure that we always observe the highest level of service. This being the case, we needed to go that extra mile for our customers and offer them something different. We agree to fit the first SRB Split Bearing at no fitting cost, thus reducing the burden of converting to SRB. We also use this as training for the end users. Below are some of the innovations that have come up following this close cooperation with customers.


Due to the diminishing skill base in the industry, end users request our services to fit more Split Bearings to their applications. This led to OEB now having a fully kitted trailer to fit bearings and to do a mandatory inspection of critical equipment. This chargeable service has led to the creation of a new division in the company.

Despite the original Split Roller Bearing concept being a great benefit, we noticed some shortcomings while assisting end users to replace Plummer Blocks with SRB. This led to the development of "SN" and "SD" range of Plummer Block equivalent SRB supports. The "SN" and "SD" range revolutionized OEB as we are the first and only ones in many years supplying this equivalent range.


Following the success of the "SN" and "SD" range, we developed the angled "SNQ" and "SDQ" ranges. These are modified versions of the former in that the split is at an angle so that the support can be slid under the shaft. This makes the replacement of a Plummer Block even easier than it previously was.

It took our competition several years to copy the "SN" and "SD" range in comparison to the one year that it took for them to copy the "SNQ" and "SDQ" range. This clearly illustrates the success of these new ranges and their recognition of OEB as market leader.


OEB's close working relationship with the end users has led to our most recent development. Due to the current economic condition, many end users run equipment to failure rather than doing preventative maintenance. Bearing failure results in damage to the shaft. As the rolling elements collapse, the shaft drops and comes into contact with the housing. This contact then leads to shaft damage. A newly fitted bearing fails very quickly as the seals are no longer effective and there is massive ingress of dirt, leading to bearing failure. It is often difficult to repair or replace the shaft. This results in the bearing life drastically reducing. As a solution to this problem, OEB has developed a patented sacrificial seal that will protect the shaft in the event of bearing failure. We are confident that this will be well received in the industry.

Our new product is currently undergoing tests. We will advise further once these tests are completed.


Warwick Steinhobel

A cast iron case for split bearings
In today's demanding industrial environment, specialist technology is key to improved efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability. Split Roller Bearings are increasingly seen by end users and project engineers as a product which conform to these customer needs.